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Dianne Joaquin

Office Number: 855-317-4251

Email: DJ@hancockmortgage.com

Dianne Joaquin joined Hancock Mortgage Partners in 2017 and is Hancock’s Vice President of Business Development. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry and has a plethora of connections in the field, each of whom she treats with kindness and respect. Dianne is passionate about helping licensed Loan Originators position themselves with a company that helps take their production to new heights. She believes Hancock Mortgage fosters growth via technology, efficiency, and most importantly, networking and relationships. Dianne is essential to Hancock’s continued advancement as a company because she utilizes her innate ability to connect with people to inform them how Hancock can grow their businesses.



Melvin Maya

Melvin Maya joined Hancock Mortgage Partners as Media Division Manager in 2021, marking his second stint with the company. Melvin has extensive experience with search engine optimization, customer relationship management, photography and video editing, and marketing strategy development. The mastermind of Hancock’s marketing schemes, he is passionate about growing businesses through the world of internet marketing. With several years of experience in the mortgage industry, Melvin is knowledgeable about what techniques and services work best for growing business at both the branch and corporate levels.